About me · Being a Future Novelist

Novel thoughts

It’s been three years and eight months since I started writing down my novel. I worked intensely on it for the first three-four months, but after then, there were more hiatus than writing periods.

I have a pretty finished first half of a novel and a narrow idea where it should go here forth. I’d already planned most of the first part in my mind before I started writing to begin with. Then at one point, it was all on pages and I had to come up with new ideas. Sigh.

I have written more since and some of it good as well. But there’s still a lot missing and a whole bunch I have to write into the story so it will make sense to someone who doesn’t know what I know.
Right now, I’m trying to write a step outline of what I have so far, and what I want in there, in the hopes that I can convince a teacher or someone to take a look at it.



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