How to Somewhat Make It in the Film Industry

It’s now been more than a year since I started learning the art of filmmaking and I’ve come to the realization that to make it in this terrifying but great industry, you have to be annoying.

Don’t get me wrong here. These are also nice people, but to really make it you have to not be afraid to ask questions, both of comment and critique. You can’t be afraid to small talk and make people listen to you. And especially, you have to make yourself noticed.

Talent has something to say as well, but if you can’t make anyone see what you can do, make them realize why you are the most qualified for this gig, then the producers or the showrunners or whatnot will pick someone visible to them, even if that person isn’t as good as you.

In my quiet mind, I find those who possess these abilities highly annoying, because they have what I don’t.


Yours truly,


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