The Flyest Girl of Them All

So I wrote a manuscript back in November about a guy who meets a superheroine. Now the time has come to make it into a real short film for class, which means I have to create a superhero worthy of the screen.

The story takes place in a laundromat, where the superheroine meets the male protagonist. He’s a young guy, insecure around girls (you know the cliché) and she’s utterly incompetent when it comes to everyday, normal life stuff, like doing laundry. He helps her wash her blood-stained cape before the mayor (or perhaps the queen) presents her with the key to town. She gives him som utterly horrible advice when it comes to women, but they both walk (fly) out of there as deeper people.

Here’s some concept art I did:


^This was the first bit of Fly Girl inspiration I did. I have to make the costume from scratch, which I’m actually really looking forward to. I have a dream, she’ll be red-headed and hope we’ll find an actress with that hair colour. Plan-B is to find a hairdresser to sponsor and dye her hair.

2016-03-18 (1)

I don’t know yet exactly what the costume will look like and which features she’ll need. So I drew out everything. It’s hard to tell before we have the actress, who we’ll cast next weekend. All I know is that her costume/dress has to be green and her cape a complimentary red. Any suggestions?

I can’t wait to dig into this project and to sew a (hopefully) badass costume.



One thought on “The Flyest Girl of Them All

  1. Glad to see your post after a long time. That’s an interesting plot you’ve got there, and the initial costume design seems good. I, myself, have always wanted to tell stories through the film media but I guess not all of us can live our dreams. You’re doing that. So kudos to you and best of luck for your future adventures.

    Hope to see more about your current, and future, project on this blog. Keep shining 🙂

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