About the Storyteller

Hi, I’m A and I want to tell you the story of my life.

I’m currently 21 years old, born and raised in Denmark and currently fighting through my last year and a half of film college (or the closest danish equivalent to that).

I’ve wanted to tell stories for as long as I can remember and hope to one day be able to make a living of it, whether it’s through film or novels.

On and off for four years, I’ve tried to write this novel I really burn for. I’ve long since realized, I’m a starter, not a closer. But still I try to make it work, and hopefully, one day, I’ll have it finished and published.

10 facts about me:

  1. I live in Denmark.
  2. I knit… a lot.
  3. I’m proud to be ginger.
  4. I define as a Nerdfighter and host yearly gatherings.
  5. I’m currently trying to write a novel.
  6. With ‘currently’ I mean throughout the last four years.
  7. love tea, especially in winter.
  8. I’m addicted to TV-series.
  9. I have noisy neighbours.
  10. If I could only do one thing for the rest of my life, I’d tell stories.

5 thoughts on “About the Storyteller

  1. If you really have an intense desire for warmth you should visit South Africa for a while and let the african sun roast you alive. There is nothing better than living the dream as a lobster. But anyway silliness aside, I wish you much luck in your quest for fame and glory.

  2. Girl, you are lucky to live in cold weather!! Here in India where I live its SOOO HOT!! I’d kill for some cold weather!! I have never EVER even seen snow!! 😦 lucky you! 🙂

  3. One word: amazing! No, I use that word a lot… let’s try AWESOME, your blog is awesome!
    You’re really good at writing<3
    I'm definitely comming back to read more 🙂

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